Re: Playing PAL discs on computer

From: joe beres (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 11:47:28 PST

Reading and converting should be kept in mind. My old Pioneer 525 will
read PAL discs and spit the PAL out, but without a PAL compatible
monitor, it is useless. In my experience, many of the really
inexpensive off-brands; Apex, Cyberhome, etc.; often will convert PAL to
NTSC and are often configureable to All Region Players. These features
are listed as selling points in the store, but with some research on the
net, you will find that there are commonly available players that will
do these these. -joe

Pip Chodorov wrote:

> Dear Gene and others,
> how common are players in the US that read PAL DVDs, region coding aside?
> -Pip
>> Jorge Amaro responded to my query and reminded me of the obvious --
>> the well known app called AnyDVD causes the computer to read any DVD
>> as region-free, and it can be used as a decrypter too. No exotic
>> hacks are necessary. Just install the program. I knew this but had
>> forgotten.
>> I was asking only about computer DVD drives. There are numerous
>> standalone players, like the Cyberhome CH-300, sold in the U.S. for
>> $30 USD, that are region-free without hacks. I
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