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Jorge Amaro responded to my query and reminded me of the obvious -- the well known app called AnyDVD causes the computer to read any DVD as region-free, and it can be used as a decrypter too. No exotic hacks are necessary. Just install the program. I knew this but had forgotten.

I was asking only about computer DVD drives. There are numerous standalone players, like the Cyberhome CH-300, sold in the U.S. for $30 USD, that are region-free without hacks. I

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  I-Macs default after seven changes, I believe, to the last region that was set.
  In the UK a DVD player costs about 45 ($70US) and that plays all DVDs (if need be there's a code you type into the handset that sets the regions, these codes are normally available on-line)
  I have three DVDs, one in an old computer, one in a less old computer and a DVD player, in the UK DVDs are now everywhere - rewards for spending on credit cards, gifts if you buy a new washing machine, whatever. Surely in America the situation is the same..? If need be, surely have multiple DVDs set to different regions?

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    At this time I haven't yet purchased a region free DVD machine. But on the other hand I do have an I-Mac - and I play my PAL DVD's without any problems. My understanding is that after playing it four times - it will change to that region for good.


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