Re: shiny, shiny fish!!!

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 14:26:13 PST

Hiya Raymond,

Robin already told us this, see his message
("underground movies/ siny shiny fish") for details
about how it really works.

I fell for it completely, but it's like that story
that db was saying about editing stuff so people say
things they didn't say. I expect that they didn't even
send an empty suitcase into the tunnels. It would be
easy to edit so it looked like they did especially
with that style of filming.

I did wonder how they got so much stuff into the
suitcase! ;)

Still it is a fun little movie. :)

Ironically, the way Robin says it works seems even
harder to make work in a way. :) I still like it aand
if I ever go to Berlin I will have to try and get to
see it myself if it is still there!



> I passed the link around to a bunch of my friends
> (many who do this sort of
> public art) and the consensus is that what you are
> seeing here is faked.
> Some of the later part of the supposed projection is
> way to clean and multi
> layered to be actual. They probably did project out
> of a window and film it
> with a portable rig, but estimates on weight come in
> at too much to have
> been attached by suction to the side of a train that
> reaches 30mph.
> It is undoubtedly beautiful, but there are way to
> many factors involved for
> this to be done the way it is being presented.
> I would have to see footage shot from the window of
> the box actually
> projecting light to believe this was pulled off that
> way.

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