Re: 16mm mag Stripe

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 07:25:09 PST

> Firstly, will most exhibition venues be capable of
> playing magnetic sound?


> Secondly what film projectors will record magnetic
> sound if any? (Is that the way it is done?)

I recall a Bauer double system projector (would play 16mm mag film in
sync) that would do that also. (The most pointlessly complex threading
I've ever seen on a projector)

> Thirdly can I film and record at 16fps?


> Can most
> venues play back 16fps?

Some can, some can't (it would be18fps not 16 usually)

(you could check out which places Dorsky's films play at for a clue as
to where I guess)

> How bad is mag stripe when
> replayed at 16 compared to 24?

But WHY ? ;-)


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