Re: 16mm mag Stripe

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 08:46:19 PST

I have made several 16mm films with magnetic sound. I have never had
a problem with a venue not being able to show it, though it may be
getting rarer nowadays. Most portable projectors with mag sound run
at 18 and 24, while bigger booth projectors can run at almost any
There is an attachment on the Bell&Howell projectors with mag sound
that allow you to record, so you have to find the projector and the
attachment. Otherwise there are some labs that record on the stripe.
You can also run the film through any recorder that records on
fullcoat, but it is harder to synch.
The sound quality is definitely better than optical.
If you want to record at an odd speed, the best is to speed the sound
up before recording it. For example, I blew up a S8 film to 16mm that
runs at 18fps, and I wanted the optical sound to run also at 18fps.
But I had to provide the lab with a magnetic sound track that runs at
24. So I sped the sound up so at 24 it sounds too fast, like a 33
record at 45, but it starts and ends right with the film. This became
the soundtrack, and when the film is shown at 18, the sound is fine.

>--- Sam Wells <email suppressed> wrote:
>> > Firstly, will most exhibition venues be capable of
>> > playing magnetic sound?
>> No
>Ack, well that kind of blows the idea out the water a
>bit anyway! ;)
>> I recall a Bauer double system projector (would play
>> 16mm mag film in
>> sync) that would do that also. (The most pointlessly
>> complex threading
>> I've ever seen on a projector)
>I've got in mind mag stripe, and I was basically
>wondering how I could get sound on the stripe after
>> > Can most
>> > venues play back 16fps?
>> Some can, some can't (it would be18fps not 16
>> usually)
>Interesting, most of my cameras have a 16fps setting.
>I thought this was the standard for silent 16mm film
>back in the day. What you are saying is that when the
>sound projectors arrived they were 18 and 24fps?
>Didn't that mean older films were played back too
>> (you could check out which places Dorsky's films
>> play at for a clue as
>> to where I guess)
>Good tip!
>> > How bad is mag stripe when
>> > replayed at 16 compared to 24?
>> But WHY ? ;-)
>You got a point, it's just less hastle in some ways
>because I'm toying with the idea of processing the
>film in a lomo tank which probably means 50 foot loads
>and I'm wondering how far I can make those fifty feet
>run. I guess it just means less splices if the film is
>Or a big bucket maybe! ;)
>I'm mostly curious.
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