Underground Movie Ads

From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 14:37:31 PST

What a nice find! Thanks Adrian.
I'd like to see that working model!
He's used the platform of an abandoned station for a
well-lit proscenium.
He sounds interesting, connected and still active in
New York. He must know Frameworks people.

--- Adrian Tagmenveca <email suppressed> wrote:

> You mean something like this:
> http://www.bboptics.com/masstransiscope.html ?
> eric fleischauer <email suppressed> wrote:
> what a clever idea (the project, not selling it to
> an
> ad agency).
> but speaking of advertising, it reminded me of
> something i saw in chicago while riding the train
> (Blue Line at Clarke and Lake). an ad agency
> (sub-media) is using the simplicity of persistance
> of
> vision to create the illusion of a video projection
> underground that passangers on the train can view.
> it
> was a target ad last time i saw it, and it lasted
> for
> about 15 seconds. has anyone seen this in other
> cities?
> eric
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