Re: optical sound: Meditations on Revolution V

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 10:32:14 PST

Ya know, I was thinking that you could do a kind of mini-DTS system for
16mm. Build it as software in a laptop say, run DVD-ROM or right off a

little firewire & USB box.... the USB easily fast enough for the
timecode in, outputs for going into a dolby CP non-sync input and/or PA

(The older generation DTS processor I have is essentially a Pentium PC
with a CD-ROM drive - running on MSDOS; for all I know they're still
using DOS, it's fast, stable)

You could eliminate the a few DTS tricks like the 'revert' signal that
it feeds a dolby Cinema Processor. Or keep it.

Retain the freewheeling when encountering dropouts (and in fact set
the parameters on your laptop screen) feature as well as auto crossfade
over errors. (One of DTS' best ideas).

Maybe do it so you could burn your own DVD-R. They could sell the

I don't know if they'd be willing to license something like this; I
mean they license for home audio of course. I think their first concern
would be efficiency and quality in presentation with something that has
their name on it. I don't think that 16mm is any kind of market for
them, although Special Venue certainly is.

You could "roll your own" too, but one should bear in mind their system
eliminates the major problems of simply trying to jam sync & chase.
IOW they did the homework already.


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