optical sound: Meditations on Revolution V

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 15:23:47 PST

Speaking of optical vs mag sound, I saw this film a
while back which was completely incredible called
"Meditations on Revolution V". I couldn't make out any
of the dialogue on the optical track at all really
which I've noticed is usually the case, but this
didn't detract from the film that much, the film was
just so visually beautiful, and the soundtrack was
good too you just couldn't make out words.

Loved the film a lot, afterwards we were trying to
work out if it was better than the dutch film I
mentioned or not, the one by a Mr Holthius, can't
remember the title offhand.

Anyway one thing I wondered is whether this is usual.
It might partly be the acoustics but usually I can
never make out any speaking on optical sound films,
but I can make out all the music and sound design just
fine. This seems kind of odd to me because it would
seem that speech requires less bandwidth than music,
but on optical soundtracks it seems to work the other

I really like the idea of optical soundtracks, but in
practice I tend to find thay don't work too well.



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