End of the Year wrapup

From: Bruce Posner (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 18:44:22 PST

Dear All,
The end of the year praise for the UC DVD box set keeps rolling in.
See complete coverage at http://www.unseen-cinema.com
To all of those who helped out, your efforts continue to be
acknowledged and appreciated.
Happy New Year,

Premiere Magazine, February 2006
"Top Ten DVDs of 2005" No. 3
[no link to date, review scheduled for March issue]
"An edifying, surprising selection of work from the first half of the
20th century." -Home Guide

The New York Times, December 30, 2005
"Hailing the DVD Distributors: The Best Vault Raiders of 2005"
[paragraph 4 & Busby Berkeley photo]
by Dave Kehr

Hollywood Reporter, December 30, 2005
"DVD Roundup"
by Glenn Abel

Village Voice, December 28, 2005
"Best Avant-Garde Films in 2005"
by Ed Halter

Masters of Cinema DVDs of the Year 2005
Unseen Cinema Voted 4th Place [with comments by Robert Edwards, Kevin
Lavin, and Daryl Chin]
"UNSEEN CINEMA may seem daunting, but once embarked on exploring its
treasures, it's hard not to want more and more." -Daryl Chin

Hollywood Reporter, December 20, 2005
"Save Houses" [David Shepard & reproduction of UC box set]
by Stephen Galloway

Variety, December 10, 2005
"LA crix ride with 'Brokeback'"
LA Film Critics cite David Shepard, Bruce Posner and Anthology Film
Archives for Unseen Cinema DVD
by Todd McCarthy

New York Magazine Culture Awards 2005, December 19, 2005
"The Best in Movies: Best Reason to Stay Home"

Cinemascope 25, December 2005
"Global Discoveries on DVD: Winter Clearance (with thanks and
apologies to James Agee)"
by Jonathan Rosenbaum
"I can't pretend to do justice to this monument here, only point to
it and gape." -Jonathan Rosenbaum

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