What is Flicker?

Flicker is a resource for media artists, cinephiles, perceptualists, scanheads, art junkies, sabateurs, inverts, agoraphobics, researchers, programmers, educators, media literacists, and disaffected elements of the mainstream media technocracy.

The Artists page lists new and old releases of films and videos organized by individual makers, with descriptions by the artists, and stills and sample clips where available.

The Venues page lists places that show experimental and fine-art cinema, with complete, up-to-date calendars of their events, where possible, and lists of past shows.

The Resources page hosts information about festivals, grants, workshops, seminars and resources for media artists.

The Images page is an ever-changing gallery of images culled from the many corners of Flicker's pages, with links to information about the films and videos from which they're taken. It's a more graphical means of moving around this web site.

Flicker will be growing quickly over the next few months, so check in often. And if you have some information to share or suggestions for growth, or if you are a media artist who would like to have your own page, please let us know!

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