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Location: germany-nrw

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : pete, pete [at] blueboxrecs.de

soundlibrary and design

Amir Baghiri

Amir Baghiri is one of the electronica and ambient music world's premier electro-tribal sound designers! With over 28 solo CDs, many collaborations with other artists and several film scores Amir is an international recording and performing artist and multi-instrumentalist who creates deep, emotional and very mystical soundworlds.

He has been composing music since 1980, during his time at school and university Amir was the founder and keyboard player of a band called Red Fly, later he played keyboards and percussion in the CBS Recordings, and award winning, free jazz band The Pygmies. This band performed at several well known places and festivals across Asia.
Amir is also composing for many different mediums, his work includes beautiful orchestral soundtracks and sonic transformations for feature films, commercials and documentaries, he augments his high energetic electronica compositions with ancient fractal grooves and magical created soundworlds.

At present he is working with several well known musicians on different productions and creating many sorts of ambient related soundscapes (abstract, noise, minimal experimental, dark and tribal, etc), and works in his own recording studio the Bluebox where, besides his own music Amir produces and engineers other musicians and projects and manages a music library containing over 125 hours of music and sound effects in all genres and styles.


URL: www.amirbaghiri.de

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