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Music Production Library

Location: Brunswick, Georgia

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Robert McKenzie, magicproductionlibrary [at] yahoo.com, rmckenzie_midiman@yahoo.com

Magic Production Library

We have some of the most recognized music beds in the world. The musical signatures are as unique as a finger print on a pane of glass.

The first bridge of this magnificent library is now available to you. Moving orchestrations...an array of colors...and state of the art digital recordings. With time variables and a variety of musical styles.

Our vision ...let the music speak...and if a soul is moved or spirit lifted in the process...then we have achieved our goal. This incredible and very powerful language...though invisible... can bring peace, remove barriers, calm fears, and provoke thought.... and very deep emotion. It is a remarkable and powerful tool.

Our mission is simple...we believe that support is everything. It is what makes the difference between a company that sounds good and a company that is good.


URL: www.musicproductionlibrary.com

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