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Workshop 3D Stereo Vision: from Capture to Display

Location: London/UK

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Frank, frank [at] 3dbritain.co.uk

Workshop 3D Stereo Vision: from Capture to Display

This workshop will get you started in 3D Stereo Vision. Its main focus is on all practical aspects of 3D Stereo imaging. It is aimed at movie makers, photographers and artists alike.

The Stereo 3D format is becoming quickly the new standard behind the upsurge in 3D cinema and advertising.This course offers you a quick and practical access to the world of 3D Stereo design.
No prior knowledge required. Questions addressed :
How does 3D cinema work ? How can I capture 3D pictures myself? What hardware do I need? What software? Do I need to wear 3D glasses? What is the market for 3D designs? When will I be able to watch 3D TV?

At the end of the evening you will have an understanding of the basic priciples of 3D Stereo Vision and be able to design your own 3D displays and imaginary.
Every participent will receive free 3D glasses and supportive technical material.

Delivered by Frank Pohlmann, 3D Media consultant ( 3D Britain).
Frank did pioneering work in the field of 3D Stereo imaging. Among other things he did develop a portable Stereo camera system with variable baseline.
He graduated from Heidelberg University/Germany with a Masters in physics. After coming to Britain he designed major installations at the Royal Institution and the Cheltenham Science Festival.
Frank has more than 10 years of professional experience as a 3D designer.

Venue : 3D Britain / Old Truman Brewery
91, Brick Lane / E1 6QL London
Nearest tube stations are Algate East or Liverpool Street.

Date : Thursday 04 February 2010

Time : 6.30 - 9.00pm

Cost : 28

To book a place please visit www.3dbritain.co.uk or call 020 7375 2030.

I found this seminar very useful and interesting. I feel confident to go and try the new techniques that I've learnt. I found the personal small group very useful as it allowed me to ask a lot of questions. I would recommend this to other people, definitely, and will probably be in touch in the future with some questions and to see more of Frank's work.

Visitor to seminar 26 November 2009

URL: www.3dbritain.co.uk

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