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sound designer

Location: Paris,France

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Aplogan, apgancar [at] gmail.com

sound designer

I will contact you in order to bring me people working in the world of cinema and audiovisual media to develop the opportunities and increase the visibility of mokroïé: (http://www.mokroie.com), a group of Electro trip-hop, composed by Carol Aplogan (author interpreter) and François Virgilio (composer).
We would like to open the possibilities for our sound to be a part of your pictures such as shorts, movies, advertisements…
Some filmmakers and sounder designers advice us to registered mokroïé on filmmakers website as much as we do on many music websites.
Here is my ad in the hope that it generates an initial interest in visiting mokroïé’s website and showed any desire at one of you.

Please let us know
Thank you read

Best regards

URL: www.mokroie.com

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