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Oracle Drive

Location: New Zealand

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Gabriel White, gabrielwhite_ [at] hotmail.com

Oracle Drive

“Is everything left to the imagination, or is nothing left to the imagination?” muses the protagonist of Gabriel White’s new film, as he claws his way up a grassy knoll towards a huge concrete bunker labelled sexyland. At first sight, nothing could look less sexy: the windswept industrial wasteland, the brute force of the cyclopean walls … and yet, as we continue to watch this small, black-clad figure wander through the strange suburbs and subdivisions of Auckland’s North Shore, the essentially mystical nature of his quest comes more and more into focus."

- From "The Mysteries of Albany" by Jack Ross

Filmed in 2012, North Shore Auckland / Length: 62 min / Director: Gabriel White / Producer: Amelia Harris / Post-production, art and effects: Markus Hofko / Music: Chris O’Connor / Oracle Drive Song: lyrics by Richard von Sturmer / Performers: Gabriel White, Richard von Sturmer, Alexa Wilson, Tessa Mitchell, Nicholas Butler, Karin Hofko, John Radford / Funded in part by Creative New Zealand, Media Arts, Quick Response

URL: vimeo.com/106091459

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