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Location: Zaragoza/Barcelona (Spain)

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Adrián Onco, onco85 [at] hotmail.com



Somewhere in Hong Kong, today. “A long journey, a reflection, a fragrance...” the sighs of someone plunged in nostalgia, of someone who observes life from the distance of having the end of the road before his eyes. Certain images and sounds blend bringing about the reminiscence of memories that seek to disentangle the meaning of a longed for life, and prolong as an example for posterity.

“I believe this film is an ambitious piece of work, not in the technical sense, but in its formal sense. This art proposal has been made entirely by myself and with the minimum cost: a slight amateur video camera and a little sound recorder. Vestiges, tries to expand the limits of what is meant by cinematic storytelling: by developing new ways to adapt the work of filmmaking to the current socio-economic possibilities, and encouraging the expansion of the relational capability of the viewers. In the film, there are neither actors nor people, only shadows. There is also no voice-over nor any events, only images, sounds and words that are mixed with the void. To be able to categorize the film, we could label it as that kind of film that Bresson developed. The kind of cinema that explores the cinematic resources to create new art forms, trying, at the same time, to maximize and to expand the active experiences of the viewers with the minimum resources”.

"Vestiges in itself was made like a relational game for me and for the future viewers. The film consists in different levels of interpretation that are linked with different senses according with some morality objectives immersed. In this point, one of the most important questions was to integrate the different elements that conform the cinematographic art without any hierarchy (countering the visual predominance and the semblances in the post-capitalism system). So my task was to coordinate the values of other elements like the sound or the text, giving them a potentiality in the discourse. The sound was recording by me with an autonomous and cheap equipment which gives the sound some kind of real texture that enrich the experience of the mystery in the film. After that, the biggest work in the film was to mix, coordinate, module and give a meaning of the different layers of the real sounds that are integrate with the total discourse of the film. Because nothing in the film was free, all had a justification, at least for me. "Vestiges" doesn´t consist in something mere contemplative; the purpose was to create a dispositive with which activate the relational capacity of me, and the future viewers, meanwhile we have an artifact with which enrich our cinematographical experience”.

Credit cast:

Directed by: Adrián Onco Orduna
Writing credits: Adrián Onco Orduna
Produced by: Adrián Onco Orduna (Cinefactum)
Associated production: Pere Portabella (Films 59)
Cinematography by: Adrián Onco Orduna
Sound mixer and composer: Adrián Onco Orduna
Mixed and composed by: Adrián Onco Orduna
Cast: None

Technical specifications:

Original and international title: VESTIGIOS/VESTIGES
Nationality and year of production: Spain, 2013
Genre: Fiction/documental/poetic/essay film
Original format: 16:9, HD, wav
Screening format: 16:9, DCP, DVD, Dolby
Running time and colour: 50 minutes, B&W and colour
Language: Chinese with english/spanish subtitles


URL: vimeo.com/69195707

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