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New Film/Video: feature


Location: France

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Ismail Bahri, ismail.bahri [at] yahoo.fr


Under the title « Film », this work groups together a series of short films based on a one and same procedure : a passage, chosen and cut out of the newspaper of the day, is wrapped then left on a surface made of black ink. At ink’s touch, the paper roll unfurls et free itself from the gesture which had created it. This paper snippet begins thus to live and at the same time it reveals – as if in a fragile kinematic – a hidden content, the clues of a news which do not stop flying by. As it explores a kind of archaeology of cinema, this device refers to the passing of the time, where the ink, whether it is poured or printed, is the ink of the ongoing human history.

Screen format : 16/9 / No sound / Year : 2011-2012

URL: www.ismailbahri.com

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