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The Green Carnation

Location: London, UK

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Angel Rose, mynameisangelrose [at] gmail.com

The Green Carnation

The Green Carnation is the latest short film from Angel Rose and Josh Quinton, shot in stunning H-D (High-Death) by Nikolai Galitzine of Errant Films.

In this video, we see Angel Rose’s disembodied head plays the part of a traditional horror host a la Elvira – but with a twist. Instead of camp jokes, she muses on death and predicts the inevitable doom of decadence, as her beautiful assistant, played by Josh Quinton, gazes on despondently.

The Green Carnation showcases her unique verse and dedicated performance in this spoken word-cum-karaoke act. Referencing the gothic romanticism of Poe, Blake and even Shakespeare in her writing, she contorts her hedonism into poetry. All sung to the tune of Diana Ross “Aint No Mountain High Enough”, she is both disco diva and Disney villain in this surrealist pop video.

Angel Rose adopts a ghostly green countenance created by Illamasqua make up artist Mika Johnson for her role as dead diva, alluding to the idea of an undead Whitney or Amy. However, when we see her decapitated body lounging on its drugged out deathbed, the lovesick plea of “having nobody” becomes a visual play on words.

BEWARE THE GREEN CARNATION : http://vimeo.com/41327545

URL: www.iloveangelrose.com

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