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Uncle Tad Baker's Loon Show: The Movie

Location: san francisco, ca, usa

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Tad Baker, uncletadbaker [at] gmail.com

My name is Uncle Tad Baker, from the infamous Loon Show.

Having just finished my long-awaited absurd film, “Uncle Tad Baker's Loon Show: The Movie,” I'd like to send a review copy to anyone interested in underground experimental theater and in particular, absurdity. The Loon Show Movie is the very essence of 'underground experimental theater'.

A short 4 minute clip can be seen at YouTube:


The promo highlights the world's first audience-participation reality show which has now been made into a very low-budget, not-for-profit retrospective movie, and can be purchased at the website, LoonShow.com.

It is the most extreme reality show in history, and is controversial for its political-incorrectness, rudeness offensiveness and vulgarity, yet became famous for the amazing level of personal freedom which actor and audience enjoyed. The Loon Show is the essence of free-speech and free expression, and there has never been anything like it before or since.

This is the show that spawned a generation of imitators and led to the wave of reality shows you see everywhere today.

If you're interested in reviewing the film, I'll happily send it along. Thanks for considering my request, Uncle Tad

A view inside the Human Nuclear Reactor!

The Loon Show unifies the audience with their emotions through the experience of Offensiveness. By allowing emotional combinations to occur which do not normally take place, the audience is brought to a state of Catharsis, or release, and subsequent Awareness of Self, for when the Passions of Man are exposed -passions which are natural to him- psychological barriers and inhibitions are shattered.

Uncle Tad believes Man must examine and accept his true feelings, thus the Loon Show challenges the audience to participate emotionally, to let one's feelings lead. This is an opportunity to release pent-up frustrations through direct participation in an emotional experience, one that challenges the senses and leaps the boundaries of politeness and decorum. The Loon Show challenges performers as well, giving them reign to explore and develop Antagonism and Offensiveness as tools of the New Comedy. Performers are prohibited from memorized monologues, and are fueled by an alert audience, who feeds the performer his material as it takes place!

Both Aristophanic farce and a re-interpretation of 'The Bacchae', by Euripides, with its contrasting themes of Ecstasy and Retribution, the Loon Show is what people need now, in this era of separation, isolation and seething frustration with one another. Man is not a stable creature; his vast, sweeping passions make him explosive, and dangerous. Far from trying to reduce, control or eliminate these Passions, the Loon Show sets them free, giving us a greater understanding of who we really are and how we operate, for it is by taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions that we can learn to deal with them. This is the true goal of expression, and the purpose of theater: to bring the audience to a state of emotional release and unification with all around them.

There is no other place but the Loon Show, where Artistic Truth is meaningless; where Obsession is allowed to run wild, and where the script-less performance takes place from around and within, engulfing and carrying you out beyond Reason into the realm of Feeling. A regulated madness reigns at the Loon Show, and the traditional lines between audience and performer fall quickly; there are no intellectual messages or subtle, hidden meanings to confuse, and the natural feelings of the audience erupt spontaneously, and honestly. The Loon Show removes the excuses of God or Mental Illness as explanations for personal conduct, and places responsibility on the shoulders of each audience member and performer.

The Loon Show rejects traditional theater's Exchange of Ideas in favor of kinetic responses to the separation of Man from himself; these Kinetic Portraits reveal to us, in fleeting, exhilarating moments, the logic of Absurdity, a logic which can guide us to new understandings of the frontiers of existence.

URL: www.LoonShow.com

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