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Glitch in the Grid

Location: New York City

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Eric Leiser, admin [at] albinofawn.com

Glitch in the Grid

Glitch in the Grid is my third feature film and second live action and stop-motion narrative feature. The film was created by working almost non-stop, at times collaborating joyfully with others, but mostly alone for two years. I worked and lived between the US and UK during the worst of the economic recession of 2008/2009 and the feelings, financial limitations and oppressions of this period put a heavy stamp on the film, while also liberating it from certain preconceptions that often stifle the creative spirit. This is a personal, magical realist film between documentary and fiction with a vision of expanded cinema that I feel is rich with spiritual surrealism. Working closely with another artist who is also my cousin helped me get to the most authentic feelings of what it means to produce art in an socio economic climate like today, with all of itís spiritual deception and apocalyptic warning signs. The film has been a trial and blessing to make and continues the direction of my previous feature Imagination, established as an exploration of the Trinity. Throughout the Bible and art history, the dove has represented Godís Holy Spirit moving, helping and directing mankind, believers or not, so I see Glitch as being a part of a continuum in this regard. Pushing boundaries with animation and bringing it to new platforms has always been a goal of mine as long as it is used to illuminate the internal world and imagination, exploring reality through bringing objects to life with pre-ordained roles. Land art has been around since prehistoric times and now land animation, which I developed in this film, can also be seen as a descendant of an ancient art form moving forward. My hope is that the final result will help the person I made it for come out of his or her depression and see that God is always there every moment, awake with Love. In the end, my pursuit of film making as a process capable of spiritual renewal remains strongly intact.

URL: www.albinofawn.com/glitchinthegrid

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