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Location: belgium

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Geert Wachtelaer, wachtelaer.geert [at] pandora.be


The experimental dance movie ce(n)sure explores the tension between the totality of Nature and the delimited domain within, known as Culture. The camera and film-medium refer to the human eye and the interpretation of visual perception. The perception works in a selective way, by means of censorship, to prevent to being overwhelmed by the whole. Through this censorship, it becomes also the rupture (cesure/caesura) with the whole. Mankind (Culture) seems to have this process as a basic mechanism in order to make the raw Reel (Nature) liveable. To question the censorship of the and the interpretation of the resulted images, the movie presents a fragmented story, and throws it open as a jigsaw. The way of presentation of these fragments forces the viewer to raise the question “What?” The story is based on 3 moments in Greek mythology. An abstract story was distilled from these 3 moments.

URL: http://www.geertwachtelaer.com

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