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Battle of the Bods

Location: LA, California

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Lyndsay May, lyndsaymaycasting [at] yahoo.com

FOX Reality Channel

BATTLE OF THE BODS is a steamy new game show for Fox Reality where five sexy girls are ranked in order of attractiveness by a panel of judges... and by themselves.

The five ladies compete to win a share of the $12,500 prize. All the girls have to do is rank themselves from 1 to 5 in 4 different categories. For each category the girls match with the judges they win money.

For bonus money at the end of the show, the tables are briefly turned when the judges must step out to be ranked by the girls. It's a Fun and Playful game show.

You can see a clip of the show at: www.foxreality.com/botb

Casting: Female Models 18-30 yrs
Rate: Up to $2,500 for each girl

Casting: Male Model judges 18-30 yrs
Rate: $125 each

To be considered, email name, age, 2 photos and contact info.
Send to: Lyndsay@SamRhimaCasting.com

Lyndsay May
Casting Associate

URL: www.foxreality.com/botb

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