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New Film/Video: non-feature

Stuck in the 90's

Location: Evanston, IL USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : MWoods, disamedia [at] gmail.com

Stuck in the 90's

The Disassociative Collective would like to offer a few new batches of media for your consumption.

Stuck in the 90's Episode 4: A Commercial
An ugly advertisement for the upcoming episodes of Stuck in the 90's. World Premiere in May and only three episodes from cancellation.

Death Dreamer - A Music Video from our friends Glass Teeth

Party Fun - Experimental short

https://vimeo.com/channels/disamedia Please visit The Disassociative Collective Channel for work from the whole group, and our Tumblr http://disamedia.tumblr.com/ .

Upcoming Schedule:
Stuck in the 90's Episode 3 - May
Stuck in the 90's Episode 2 - June
Stuck in the 90's Episode 1 - July
Zac Efron Sex Tape - August
The Pleasure Principle (feature) - September
Stuck in the 90's Episode 0? - September

URL: vimeo.com/channels/disamedia

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