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Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Carolyn McMaster, info [at] chaosafilmcompany.com


Leigh Parish (Amanda Crew) is the star on one of North America’s most popular TV shows. Beautiful, charismatic…her star’s ascension seems to have no ceiling.

On a return trip home and during a standard paint-by-number television interview, one of the phone in callers trips her up, unearthing an all-consuming anxiety within Leigh…one she had hoped was permanently buried.

Maurice is Leigh’s former boss, back when she worked in a sleazy nightclub, long before becoming famous. In his possession is a videotape with Leigh as the star. If distributed, the tape would effectively end Leigh’s career in the entertainment business. The mere thought of the tape is enough to get Leigh’s blood pressure to rise. Maurice knows this and is intent on extorting Leigh for the rest of her life.

But Leigh isn’t paying Maurice another nickel. She’s going to break into the club, retrieve the tape and destroy it. Or so the plan goes…

But she can’t get by Maurice, who has anticipated her arrival. Secretly begrudging her fame, Maurice refuses to hand over the tape. But Leigh hasn’t come this far to take no for an answer. Even after being thrown from the club, Leigh finds her way back inside, eventually confronting Maurice a second time. When he attacks her, Leigh defends herself and, through a freak accident, kills Maurice. Suddenly the mere thought of getting the tape and escaping isn’t as simple as it once appeared.

With his body at her feet, Leigh is left to face Eric (Michael Eklund), the club’s ambitious assistant manager and Salvatore (Kim Coates), Maurice’s brother. One is intent on continuing Leigh’s extortion, the other to get to the bottom of his brother’s death. Leigh has become used to people wanting things from her, but never like this.

Together with Tess (Katie Boland), a celebrity worshipper of the most troublesome kind and Callum (Dustin Milligan), Leigh’s headstrong publicist, Leigh must decide whether to flee or to stand her ground and to rid herself of the fear that has plagued her for so many years.

Ferocious is the story of the dark side of ambition, the high price of fame and the blindness caused by desire.

URL: http://ferociousblog.tumblr.com/

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