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New Film/Video: non-feature


Location: France

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Ismail Bahri, ismail.bahri [at] yahoo.fr


This video presents the act of tying a black sewing thread on several feet in a snowy landscape.
It introduces a writing of a high formal tenuity, hovering between drawing and volume.
The tight thread is a line in alarm, a vibratory vector conveying the hands’ poundings.
Like the alarm thread linking the spider to its web, the tight link probes the empty space that separates the black silhouette from the viewer.
It shows the movement of the hands on the camera. Slowly, the body enters the image field.
As it moves forward, the video comes to an end : the space plan becomes deep, the white area becomes a landscape and the line becomes volume.

Hdv, 8 min, video loop, 2011
Editing : Johanne Schatz

URL: www.ismailbahri.com

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