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New Film/Video: non-feature

DisAMedia Channel (from the Disassociative Collective) Avant-Garde NYC/Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : MWoods, disamedia [at] gmail.com

The Disassociative Collective is an avant-garde attack to develop consciousness against the spectacle, to wake up the spectator, and to declare revolution against the "American Culture" - a non-existent code of superficiality, representational nihilism, and groundless aesthetics.

We attack the aristocratic toxin liberally released through screens more real than real; a metaphysical cancer that distills equal doses of hatred & apathy, non-meaning & radicalism, hedonism & illusion. As fantasy/waste removes any notion of the real, except through the screams of those deemed expendable by our system's moral code, we stand against the social and its downward spiral.

Those screams are marred into broken signs by its endless recording and negation.

So we will use the recording, the very source of our contemporary negation and the voice of the god illusion, against the endless spectacle, and against the sweet comfort of life outside the ever-growing global slums.

URL: http://vimeo.com/channels/disamedia

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