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New Film/Video: non-feature

Luminous Greenhouse

Location: Sebastopol, CA USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Janis Crystal Lipzin, jlipzin [at] aol.com

Luminous Greenhouse is a video sculpture consisting of a digital film of indeterminate duration displayed on a 7-inch video screen enclosed in a diminutive horticultural greenhouse.
dimensions: 11 inches high x 11.5 inches deep x 11.5 inches wide
materials: DVD, repurposed DVD player, repurposed plastic and metal.

Here, the unruly forces of nature intermingle, preserved on light-struck film emulsion and loop endlesslessly like events in the natural world even while contained in a structure intended for human dominance over Nature.

Unfamiliar color and light sweep into and literally illuminate vegetative subjects to supply visible evidence of a surreptitious conspiracy between the artist, her materials, and photochemical occurrences. This work is part of a group of related time-based works in the De Luce [On Light] series.

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