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Welcome Matting: Simultaneous Opposites #61

Location: Sunnyvale, CA USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Robert Edgar, rbedgar [at] gmail.com

Welcome Matting: Simultaneous Opposites #61

These studies demand a different "looking at" than standard video. The Simultaneous Opposites frame is neither window nor mirror. It is a 21st-century Pollock, and your eyes, over time (if you give these any time) will learn to see differently. The nature of this difference is the (moving) target of the studies.

I've added a third video image which is jumped sideways. The results here are of a thick mat of visual.

The audio is twofold: the single-frame-at-a-time jump playback audio from the video content (low rumbling sounds), and my live MIDI guitar work over it, playing through a Boomerang looper and a compressor/sustain box. My goal here was to create an audio equivalent of the visuals, juxtaposed of course against the actual audio track from the video, that gets close to the repeating sound, but continually diverges into...reality.

On the original there is no inter-frame compression so each frame is crisper, H264 at 5000 kbps does lose some of the brightness. You can get a sense for what's going on, though, if after watching it play, you scroll towards the end and look at some of it one frame at a time. The single images are surprising.

URL: http://www.vimeo.com/24444734

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