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Breathing for Metaphors: Simultaneous Opposites #60

Location: Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Robert Edgar, rbedgar [at] gmail.com

Breathing for Metaphors: Simultaneous Opposites #60

This piece is dedicated to Merrilee Edgar and Peter Matussek. With their support I've found a way to refocus on my breathing, and the breathing of the Simultaneous Opposites Engine. This breathing, the duration and physicality of which is itself a focus of this video, is also of course a metaphor, one that is accepted through our implicit empathy for all objects. In an inversion: these metaphors are the intentions of Man, they are how we understand the meaning of the world, and how we know "what it's like outside".
After all, what is meta for?

URL: http://www.vimeo.com/22879349

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