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Shot Film

Location: Madrid, Spain

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Alberto Cabrera Bernal, cabrerabernal [at] gmail.com

Shot Film

The eloquence of a shotgun should be enough on its own to save me from writing a description. Making films literally by shooting does not require any rhetorical ornamentation and to sow it with literary references would only appear as the flirtation of a critic with bad taste. So I will stick to specifics and the actual facts: A shotgun was repeatedly fired against 35 mm opaque black leader to give rise to an assortment of diverse breaks and holes. Incredulity towards cinema, which I do not feel, is not the justification for my shooting session, and I would certainly not assign this to a dusty corner of the avant-garde. With a bit of sarcasm, I believe it fits better in the same space as that occupied by oil-painting. The marriage of weapons and contemporary art is one of the most traditional genres!

URL: http://shotfilm.org/

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