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I Am Curious Remix

Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Potter-Belmar Labs, pbl [at] potterbelmar.org

I Am Curious Remix

Live cinema artists Potter-Belmar Labs remix and rephrase the controversial 1967 Swedish films, Vilgot Sjöman's I Am Curious (Yellow) and I Am Curious (Blue), through a live cinema performance at the Heights Theater in Houston. The theater was burned down in 1969, by arsonists protesting I Am Curious (Yellow)'s alleged obscenity. PBL's performance expands on the films' kaleidoscopic nature, exploring it within the context of late-60s Houston and taking into account the broader censorship movement of the age as well as the phenomenon of reactionary violence in our own time. Mature content warning.

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