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Wavelengths ticket packages on sale now

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Kate MacKay, kmackay [at] tiff.net

Dear Friends, colleagues, and film/art lovers:

Just a brief note to alert you to the fact that a limited number of ticket packages
are on sale for TIFF's Wavelengths series. Though the line-up will not be announced
for another couple of weeks, the series includes 5 screenings over TIFF's opening
weekend from Friday September 9th to Sunday September 11, Ticket prices are severely reduced (by more than 50%) if you purchase the pass--but they are restricted so don't miss out.

http://www.tiff.net/thefestival/ticketsandpackages under TIFF choice ($45 or $38 for students;
best deal at TIFF!).

URL: http://www.tiff.net/thefestival/ticketsandpackages

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