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Hand Processing Resources

Location: New York, NY, USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Lorenzo Gattorna, gattorenz [at] gmail.com

Dear Filmmakers,

My name is Lorenzo and I am an experimental filmmaker and curator residing in NYC. I am asking all of you for support in gathering any resources/references you might have regarding the history, practice, and output of hand processing motion picture film. I am currently attending a graduate program at NYU in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation and have chosen as one of my many research reports an examination of hand processing. The research report on the process/format of our choice has to be relatively comprehensive so if you have references to books, articles, websites, etc. regarding the subject at hand your help would be much appreciated. I am also interested in interviewing a select few who have been involved with hand processing professionally or personally as part of my report. I will be attempting to process my own film at home and would love to discuss further such procedures with those who have already made such efforts with this aesthetic. Thanks so much for your time and concern. I hope to hear from many of you soon and please do let me know if you could set aside time within the next month to talk with me more about hand processing experiences either in person, through email, or via a telephone conversation. Take care.

Lorenzo Gattorna

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