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Experimental filmmaker harrassed by federal authorities

Location: New York USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : David Finkelstein, david [at] lakeivan.org

Lawrence Brose is a wonderful experimental filmmaker who has been making films since 1983. The Department of Homeland Security is bringing charges against him, alleging that he possesses illicit digital images. The images in question are simply stills from his films and materials he uses to make his films.

The case of Lawrence Brose is a prime example of the contemporary abuse of power by Homeland Security and the Justice Department. The charges brought against Brose essentially make engaging a difficult issue a criminal offense and recall the government’s tactics during the McCarthy trials of the 1950s. Like that infamous challenge to Democracy, this case questions how far the government can reach, unopposed, into artists’ studios, galleries, museums, and even our homes to silence free speech, thought, and inquiry.

His legal defense will be a crucial, precedent-setting case. It is very expensive, and a fund has been set up to help pay for it:


Please help!

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