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Berkeley Art Museum•Pacific Film Archive

Location: Berkeley, CA, US

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Catherine Kasprzycki, ckasp [at] berkeley.edu

Projectionist of Archival and Digital Cinema
The mission of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) is to inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue through art and film. BAMPFA has developed an international reputation for its active and ambitious exhibition programs, as well as for the quality of its art and film collections and research resources. BAMPFA is an institution with a stellar history and an exciting future. For more information, visit our website http://bampfa.org.
The Projectionist of Archival and Digital Cinema works both independently and collaboratively with other BAMPFA senior projectionists, with film curators and with other members of the film exhibition team to present 420 film programs per year, as well as other screenings and events in the BAMPFA Barbro Osher Theater (232 seats). The Projectionist projects digital media and film in BAMPFA’s Theater 2 (33 seats) and is responsible for routine maintenance and mechanical repairs of projection and preview equipment, advising when outside consultations or repair services are needed and, as requested, communicating with vendors to achieve best results.
BAMPFA film programs include many guests with whom the Projectionist discusses technical and presentation details. The Projectionist maintains the highest archival standards in film, video, digital and expanded media projection and in film handling for exhibition, collection, and preservation. He/She contributes to BAMPFA’s ongoing film preservation and access goals through a range of skilled activities including inspecting, prepping, cleaning, and scanning films as requested.
For more information, please visit http://jobs.berkeley.edu and under External Applicants, search for keyword 24474 (the job number for this position).

Delivery address:
Visit http://jobs.berkeley.edu and click on Job Listings; under External Applicants, search for keyword 24474 (the job number for this position), and follow the application process detailed on the website. To be considered, applications must be completed through the campus online website.

URL: jobs.berkeley.edu (keyword 24474)

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