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Call for Entries: no deadline

Fountain Street Sidewalk Gallery

Location: Boston, MA USA

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Marie Craig, marie [at] fsfaboston.com

Fountain Street has launched "The Sidewalk Video Gallery," a public viewing gallery for video and other digital media art. Exhibitions of short, silent, experimental work will be displayed on two 50" monitors facing out from gallery windows at sidewalk level. The programming is designed to promote diversity and include a broad array of artists, styles, thematic content, and levels of experience.


We accept submissions of single-channel videos up to 10 minutes in duration.
Audio is not supported.
As this is a public site, the video content must be appropriate for all ages.
A title card is recommended since most work will be played on a loop with other material.
The submitted artwork must be available for review online. The submission form will ask for the link.
Multiple entries are allowed; each should be treated as a separate submission.
Artists are responsible for having all rights to the work being submitted.
There are no submission fees.
Artists will be asked for a short (150 word max) statement about the artwork and a short (150 word max) artist bio with the submission.
Artists will be asked to submit two video stills from the work.

URL: www.fsfaboston.com/the-sidewalk-video-gallery

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