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Call for Entries

Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, submissions [at] istanbulexperimental.com

Deadline: September 30 2023

Exhibition date: May 20 2024 - May 24 2024

December 14, 2022 Opening Date
January 7, 2023 I Deadline
January 31, 2023 II Deadline
February 28, 2023 III Deadline
March 21, 2023 IV Deadline
April 15, 2023 V Deadline
May 7, 2023 VI Deadline
May 31, 2023 VII Deadline
June 21, 2023 VIII Deadline
July 15, 2023 IX Deadline
August 15, 2023 X Deadline
November 1, 2023 Notification Date
March 20 24, 2024 Event Date

Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival is a pioneering showcase of avant-garde and experimental cinema in Turkey. Our goal is to bring the best in contemporary experimental cinema from around the world to live audiences in Istanbul. Our festival aims to advance artistic expression while creating a genuine networking platform for practitioners, film enthusiasts, and industry talent. In bringing audiences highly innovative films, made by filmmakers that have strong personal views on contemporary reality, we are inspired to daringly explore the boundaries of cinematic language.

The inaugurate IIEFF took place in November 2018 where more than 150 features and shorts from 50+ countries were showcased. Over the span of 5 days events ranged from premieres, retrospectives, tributes, audio-visual performances, and discussion panels. The scope of selected works infused fresh air into the Istanbul atmosphere during the running days of the festival. We look forward to bringing more great works to life on screen.

We support visionaries that prevail beyond cinematic confines. Our priority here is to showcase films made primarily for aesthetic and philosophical reasons rather than commercial profit. We hope to give gifted international artists and filmmakers an opportunity to show their talent in all facets and forms that their craft demands. Regardless of whether you are an emerging artist or an established professional, we would like to encourage you to submit your work. It is artists like you that keep the horizon of moving images sharp and in focus so art may endure.

URL: filmfreeway.com/istanbulexperimentalfilmfestival

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