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Call for Entries

27th Chicago Underground Film Festival

Location: IL

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Bryan Wendorf, info [at] cuff.org

Deadline: January 3 2020

Exhibition date: June 10 2020 - June 14 2020

27th Chicago Underground Film Festival

Founded in 1993, The Chicago Underground Film Festival is dedicated to the work of film and video makers with defiantly independent visions. The longest running underground film festival in the world, CUFF is an internationally recognized program providing a venue for experimental, documentary, and avant-garde narrative film and video. The festivalís mission is to select and screen film, video and related works presenting a diverse line up of moving image programming focusing on filmmakers working to reinvent and explore new approaches to established practices, to foster new forms of media art and to build an audience for such work. Our goal is to achieve these aims by presenting a fun, user-friendly and accessible event..if you suspect your film is "underground," it probably is...

URL: www.cuff.org

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