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Call for Entries

Black Girl* Magic

Location: Berlin, Germany

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Diana Arce, hello [at] artistswac.org

Deadline: May 20 2019

Exhibition date: June 8 2019

Black Girl* Magic

The Black Girl* Magic film series is looking for short film and video submissions by Black womxn* FTLI filmmakers for a screening on June 8th presented by Artists Without A Cause and White Guilt Clean Up and hosted by Frauenkreise Berlin, The resilience and power of creativity in the face of discrimination, injustice, and everyday violence is truly magical. We’re building an evening to celebrate Blackness beyond mainstream tropes and through the lenses of Black womxn*.

What we’re looking for:

Short films and videos by Black womxn* FLTI of any genre exploring themes of creativity, power, resilience, and joy of Black Girl* Magic. We’re looking to fill about 90 minutes of runtime.

For Berlin-Based filmmakers: If you are interested in attending the screening in person and presenting or participating in a discussion about your film, then let us know. We want to create a platform for your voice and your presence would be greatly appreciated. Filmmakers from out of town are welcome to Skype in.

How to submit:

Send your film submissions attached in an email with a short description and artist bio to hello@artistswac.org with the subject Film Submission.

We’re accepting submissions until May 20th and the screening will take place on June 8th.

The program will be finalised by May 27th and all submitters will be notified then.

Selected artists will be compensated.

Delivery address:

URL: artistswac.org

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