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Call for Entries

Wake America!

Location: Austin

Contact (be sure to replace [at] with @) : Scott, admin [at] ercatx.org

Deadline: December 20 2018

Exhibition date: January 21 2019

Experimental Response Cinema:


a two year year anniversary of resistance

Call for Submissions!

Experimental Response Cinema is now accepting submissions for WAKE AMERICA!, its third installment (F*CK TR*MP (2016) and TR*MP TH*S! (2017)) commemorating the inauguration of United States president #45.

Once again we are looking for works that offer powerful and hopeful resistance to the first two years of the #45 presidency, or that touch on issues of immigration, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, homophobia, religious intolerance, environmental degradation, corporate greed, Wall Street malfeasance, gun violence, corruption, voter suppression, foreign intervention in elections, defunding health care, human rights, income inequality, BLM and more.

Cathartic as well as a call to action, this screening of short films will address the current political landscape in ways both playful and incisive, affirming creativity as a vital and necessary response in the face of lies, corporate greed, bigotry and willful ignorance.

WAKE AMERICA! will be screened in Austin, Texas on the administration's two-year anniversary in January 2019.

There's no fee! Just submit a preview link to Experimental Response Cinema
by December 20, 2018.

Send your submission NOW! We're very
much looking forward to seeing your work.

Image: Do You Want to Go for a Drive?, Kelly Gallagher, from TR*MP TH*S! 2017

Image: Now! Again!, Alexander Johnston, from TR*MP TH*S! 2017

Delivery address:

URL: www.ercatx.org/wake-america-call-for-submissions/

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