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"IOKA"Kyle S. Glowacky
1. WIREBOYCassandra Sechler, Jason Marsh
14 x 14Albert Alcoz
Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF)Dale Hudson and Claudia Pederson
55th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival DVDBrooke Halsted
A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Robert Edgar's Simultaneous Opposites EngineMark Mosher
A Creak In TimeSteven McInerney
A Fork in the RoadVisto desde el zaguán
A NEW BORNSimone Tognarelli
A wound we won't rememberVisto desde el zaguán
A-ZDavid Wilde
AAFF 10 Volume DVD SetBrooke Halsted
Abstract?Alexei Dmitriev
Against CinemaAlberto Cabrera Bernal
All's Well that Ends Well on a Sunny SundayNeil Ira Needleman
Almost thereKim Collmer
AmericaAntiAmericaNeil Ira Needleman
As It IsDavid Wilde
AspireBrandon Watts
AttemptBrook Hinton
Auto Viewing: Simultaneous Opposites #63Robert Edgar
Baby Boom BoomGerard Lough
Bedford Cheese (2012/2016)Michael Woods
Bedford Cheese (2012/2016)Michael Woods
Between The Scan LinesMike Celona
Blue/Green/Posts-dhjeui873/Greg Healey
Breathing for Metaphors: Simultaneous Opposites #60Robert Edgar
Cat VerityMichael Couvaras
Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer (a career in amateur film-making)Visto desde el Zaguán
Chronic Condo Conformity SyndromeNeil Ira Needleman
Cleopatra BurstDina Yanni
CoastlineVisto desde el zaguán
Commodity Trading: Election DayM. Woods
ConfessorsMichael Morris
Crooked BeautyKen Paul Rosenthal
DOG OF GOD John Ledbetter
De Luce 2: ArchitecturaJanis Crystal Lipzin
DemonstrationMary Billyou
Derive 2Mark Reeve
Die Wüste wächstKai Welf Hoyme
Diluvi Privati IAndrea Vincenzi
Diluvi Privati. Film.Andrea Vincenzi
DisAMedia Channel (from the Disassociative Collective) Avant-Garde NYC/ChicagoMWoods
DistractionsDavid Bianchi
Does Anyone Ever Really Quit?Bryan Konefsky
DriveMike Celona
DromosphereThorsten Fleisch
DubusAlexei Dmitriev
Duck and Cover, Charlie BrownMike Celona
DénouementIsmail Bahri
EXITDavid King
East River Pavilion, Upper East Side, New York CityBarton Lewis
EgoMichel Goossens
Eight BallMichael Couvaras
Elipse/landscape/grass/chalets/soundGregory Healey
Every four framesAlberto Cabrera Bernal
Everybody dies in Lonely TownAndrew T. Cutler
FerociousCarolyn McMaster
Fertile Ground Corporate SlugBryan Konefsky
Field Notes: Processing the Idea of Nature in Los Angeleskate lain
Filmmaking Page 001Robert Edgar
Flower Beds: Simultaneous Opposites #62Robert Edgar
Fool in the box videoclipStratis
Garden of EdenΛrthvr
Git Along, Little Dogieskate lain
GradientsNick Coccellato
Head RoomKim Collmer
Help WantedWaylon Bacon
HermeneuticsAlexei Dmitriev
Hex Suffice Cache TenThorsten Fleisch
I Am Curious RemixPotter-Belmar Labs
Identity TheftNeil Ira Needleman
In Between TakesAlexei Dmitriev
In Between TakesAlexei Dmitriev
In your filmVisto desde el zaguàn
It Doesn't MatterH. C. Turk
It's All Fun & Games Until Somebody Puts an Eye OutMike Celona
Jeanne et MathildeVisto desde el zaguán
Jeux d'ombres et de lumièresOrgiv
John Wang's Techno Porno Video DreamGrannell Knox
Let Me Say This About ThatBryan Konefsky
Los amores contrapuestos (Not under my roof)Antonio Ufarte
Luminous GreenhouseJanis Crystal Lipzin
Machina MysticaAaron F. Ross
Meaninglessness Act:twoAnders Weberg
Meat CycleJoseph Christiana
MeeskeitNeil Ira Needleman
Memory GameWilfried Agricola de Cologne
Miss Candace Hilligoss' flickering haloFabio Scacchioli
Miss Yummy YummyBryan Konefsky
My First Horror MovieNeil Ira Needleman
My Latest Abstract VideoNeil Ira Needleman
My YouTube Channel Anja RoßAnja Christine Roß
My YouTube Channel Anja RoßAnja Christine Roß
My YouTube Channel Anja RoßAnja Christine Roß
Mystery of TimePotter-Belmar Labs
Nearly all your unknown poemsJ&P
Opus AlchymicumAaron F. Ross
OrientationsIsmail Bahri
Other People's StoriesTodd Herman
PeaceKevin Siegel
PerforationsAlberto Cabrera Bernal
Post-Panoptic GazingM. Woods
PreludeJoeri Pruys
Public Property Cashed InChetan Boray
REVELATIONwonder russell
Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000Scott
Respect for Red and GreenNeil Ira Needleman
Revem NaturaЖ
RitaDina Yanni
SEDUXDavid Wilde
SOSPIRALana Z Caplan
STEVENAnkur Mittal
Secession From The Broadcast: Gene Youngblood and the Communications RevolutionBryan Konefsky
Shining BottlesMichael Couvaras
Shoe Shine Cinema: Confusion Is SexyBryan Konefsky
Short Films about Light CommunicationAndrew Livingston
Shot FilmAlberto Cabrera Bernal
Shot on Blood: KozmIkonic ElectronicaOliver Hockenhull
SolaristicsPeter Rose
StarAdrien Marquez-Velasco
Stella ErraticaBen Barton
Stuck in the 90'sMWoods
Subject is known by what she seesStratis Chatzielenoudas
Subterrenean ProjectionCharles Chadwick
Summer ColdVisto desde el Zaguán
TRANSDavid Wilde
The BugAlexe Lupea
The Huntington IN MOTIONKate Lain
The Journal of Short Film Volume 17Matt Swift
The Luminous PassageRyan
The Oneiric BicycleSam Klickner
The Passing of FilmRubber Cripple
The Proxy HypothesisKate Pelling
The Right StrainMike Celona
The Sadness Will Not Last ForeverAlexei Dmitriev
The Shadow of Your SmileAlexei Dmitriev
The Visiting LamentSam Klickner
The poetry of earth is never deadStratis Chatzielenoudas
Time Transformed (after Magritte)David Koblesky
Tone Rose: Simultaneous Opposites #52Robert Edgar
TournesoleilAdrien Marquez-Velasco
Trailer - The BoogeymanGerard Lough
Train DiaryStratis Chatzielenoudas
Transexpansion Numeral UnitsGX Jupitter-Larsen
Transitland: Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe 1989-2009 Kristine Kotecki
Truth Patrick King
Un ou plus d'unNosotros
Untitled [Choices]Matt Starr
VARIATIONSmark templeton
VancouverBryan Konefsky
VaporsMorgan Mannino
Vestale sous contraintesyt75
Videre: A SeriesHuntington Library
WAKEJamie Hull
WHATDavid Wilde
We Are All Dead or Soon Will BeBO LEE
Weird WarAlbert Alcoz
Welcome Matting: Simultaneous Opposites #61Robert Edgar
What It Is I AmRobert Edgar
dead endVisto desde el Zaguán
defunctAndrea Vincenzi
essencesDavid Wilde
fashionDavid Wilde
fire doors, Pacific Street, Atlantic YardsBarton Lewis
love me please dance 2nino fournier
no more tearszakir khan
rauschtyoel meranda
spider boil ballsNeil Ira Needleman
through a keyhole: evan chamberskate lain
troubadour, waar zeit gij?!djoozz

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